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Sean and Mary Busby


The Italian Spinone was developed in Italy (surprise, surprise), as a hunt, point, retrieve gundog. It has a wiry coat, thick skin, large feet (to cope with the marshy terrain it was bred to work in - and to collect mud), long ears and an almost human expression.

Although not the type of dog you associate with great speed, such as the greyhound, this dog was bred to work all day on rough ground and so needs to have the type of exercise which would allow him to do this. I’m not saying you have to go out and walk him all day every day but a short walk on the lead is not what this dog requires. Nice long, busy walks are best, he will adjust to whatever you give him, but... for his sake try to vary his exercise and allow him to swim and charge about ‘hunting’.

This breed is very versatile, although not the best for agility he will do all the jumps and contact equipment, he just may not beat the collies or shepherds in the speed stakes, but he will have fun trying! As a pet he loves nothing better than to be with his family, often thinking he is still small enough to sit on your knee - at over 30kg this can be a tad uncomfortable. When it comes to fitting in with other members of the family, the Spinone excels, whether you have cats, dogs, rabbits, he will do his best to make friends and be best buddies with all of them. The coat doesn’t need a huge amount of work, just stripped out now and then, and a good brushing to keep him in top condition, compared with the beardie it’s a doddle!

Did I mention flying dog snot? No?! I’ll leave that to your imagination

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