Sean and Mary Busby


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The Bearded Collie is reputed to be one of Britain’s oldest breeds. Developed in the Scottish hillsides to work sheep and cattle, this is a versatile, intelligent breed.  Because it was bred to work away from the shepherd/farmer, sometimes working alone for days at a time to bring in the stray sheep or cattle from the steepest mountainside, it had to be able to think independently in order to achieve its tasks.


As a pet, this breed has maintained its versatility, being used for breed showing, dog obedience, agility, fly-ball, you name it the beardie will do it, given the correct training and encouragement.  This dog does not like to be told exactly what to do or when, it learns by thinking things through for itself - did I mention it is an intelligent breed?      

From our point of view, the beardie is an ideal pet/companion.  But, this is not the case for everyone, the breed has many drawbacks, some of which are inherent in the breed itself.  Bred originally as a huntaway, this can be a noisy breed, be warned!  For me, turning a muddy scruff into a beautifully groomed dog is a pleasure, one which can take hours - if you don’t relish the task, don’t choose the breed. As a family, we enjoy going for our daily walks, whether it is to the park, the beach, the forest or just a long road walk, come rain, sun, sleet, snow, we do this every day - if you cannot commit to the same, don’t get a beardie.