Sean and Mary Busby


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Click her for photos of Evie’s training sessions

We feel training is important for all of our dogs, not that you would notice sometimes.

Phynn, Freya and Missy all did agility, Charlie did too, but she found the what the horses left behind too much of a temptation at training, so spent more time eating than jumping etc.

Suki, Kira and Lily have all done cani-x, and Suki and Kira have done scootering - I hope to do some scootering with Talullah as well. I have been known to get other people to run the dogs as I really can’t run 3 at once, I can just about manage 2.

There is also training for dog shows, well you can’t expect a dog to trot around a ring behind one dog and directly in front of another, stand completely still for a stranger to put his/her hands all over them without training do you?

I am very lucky to have found a great training class for Evie.  Our instructor is prepared to accept that I work shifts so can’t commit to a regimented weekly session, she appreciates that not all dogs learn at the same pace AND she likes dogs who enjoy their training. Thank goodness for Lyn!  Evie is known as the class clown please check out the photos for proof.

Also, feel free to check out Tammy’s Dog Training website and facebook pages.

Kira at Crufts

Freya (Moonhill Takes The Biscuit For Beardoni) our foundation Bearded Collie Bitch proving brains and beauty are not mutually exclusive.

Getting ready for the Santa Run, cani-x style,the Beardie and 3 Spinoni are ours, Tracey brought her own dog.