Sean and Mary Busby


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We are Sean and Mary Busby, between us,we have

 owned, shown, trained and loved dogs since 1977.

Our aim is to produce healthy, happy dogs with superb temperament.

To us, the health,welfare and happiness of our dogs and their families

 is of paramount importance.

Our dogs are our family (fur kids). We only breed a litter when we want to keep a pup for ourselves, so obviously we try to choose the best possible stud dog to improve our lines and try to produce the best possible pups, not just for the show ring (although that is a bonus), but for every aspect of their lives.  All of our dogs live in the house with us - sometimes it’s a bit of a tussle to get a comfy seat, but, hey, they sometimes let us share - joking, maybe.

We health test all of our girls before we start to plan our litters and check that the potential stud dogs have their health

checks in place as well.  

To ensure our pups only go to the best possible homes, we vet all potential owners and in turn we expect potential owners

to vet us.  After all, you need to know that our dogs will be right for you and your family and you must feel comfortable with

us as breeders.

We do reserve the right NOT to sell a pup if we feel the home, time etc are not right for all concerned.

When our pups go to their new homes, their Kennel Club Registration is endorsed as follows:-

            with the Kennel Club.

            wouldn’t be able to register your dog with the local Kennel Club until the endorsement is lifted.

Under certain circumstances we would lift the endorsements, but this would be discussed at the appropriate time and dependent on health checks being in place etc.

All of our pups will be KC Registered, micro-chipped, vet checked and come with a full diet sheet, food, helpful tips, grooming instructions and tools and of course well socialised.  We prefer to wait until the pups is 8 weeks old before having their first vaccination done (current research shows the pup’s immune systems aren’t mature until at least this time) but we are prepared to have it done earlier if necessary.

Finally all of our pups will be loved and cared for from the moment of birth, just as their parents were before them.

We will always be there for new owners, even after the ‘new’ has worn off.

We love hearing of the achievements and escapades of the dogs we have bred and how their owners are getting on.

A young Charley snuggling with George - Who says cats and dogs can’t be friends?